Aircraft Shares

Your Jet is Ready.

Own Your Own Flight

The concept of shared jet ownership has been around for decades. For years, both businesses and individuals have used fractional jet ownership options to reduce the cost of ownership. Whether you want to own a large share of a small aircraft or a small portion of a large aircraft, Honaker Aviation has options to meet your needs and maximize the value of your private aviation budget .


Say good-bye to airlines, airports, traffic and booking tickets.

Save Time

Your total travel time is significantly reduced with the elimination of airlines bending to their schedules – we bend to yours.

Save Money

You’ll experience a reduction in direct costs of operating of your aircraft, as well as the division of overhead expenses with other

Expand Your Business

Your business – and more importantly, you – can now go anywhere, at the drop of a hat. That’s next level business with a next level image.

Experience Private Accommodations

Luxury at its finest. Our top-notch service caters to each co-owners’ specific tastes and desires.

The Honaker Difference

The advantages of shared ownership
  • No need to hassle with commercial airlines, airports, traffic, booking tickets, etc.
  • Travel time and hours per trip is significantly reduced
  • Direct costs, airfare, salary and associated expenses of typical business trips can be reduced.
  • Overhead is shared
  • Operational costs are direct and controlled
  • Hotel bills and undue overnight time away from home is eliminated
  • Business capabilities are expanded and image is enhanced
  • Private accommodations provide a higher level of service that caters to co-owners’ tastes and needs
  • Higher return on investment
The advantages of a local network
  • On site technicians and maintenance – no hidden and expensive reposition fees
  • Hand-selected crews that are annually trained to the highest level of standards in their specific aircraft.
  • Fuel and hangar prices negotiated for 30-40% less than large airports
  • Call out time in as little as two hours.

For more information, contact Shawn Honaker at 502.377.4751