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The new business aviation model is to develop the most efficient use of resources based on your needs. In short: Don't pay for what you don't use and don't overpay for what you do. Our job is to ensure this happens.

At Honaker Aviation, our comprehensive and proven whole aircraft management services are designed with an approach that emphasizes efficiency, cost savings and performance. As we have with dozens of jet owners, we will demonstrate how we set up and manage the most streamlined flight departments achievable. From maintenance to safety, we will implement best practices to ensure your asset operates at peak performance.

With Honaker Aviation, you have access to the advantages of a large flight department for a fraction of the price of doing it on your own. Our services include:

  • High-quality maintenance
  • Full-time compliance director
  • Maintenance tracking services
  • Tax consulting
  • Pilot services
  • Insurance fleet discounts
  • Fuel contract discounts
  • Access to multiple, highly-trained and qualified pilots

Charter opportunities available!

Any time your jet is on the ground, it could be generating revenue. Honaker Aviation offers the opportunity to significantly offset the cost of jet ownership through charter.

For more information, contact Shawn Honaker @ 502.377.4751