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If you have aspirations to become a pilot, we can make it happen. Honaker Aviation flight training is well equipped and staffed to provide the knowledgeable instruction you need to earn your FAA-issued pilot certificate. Of course, we emphasize flight safety and help you reach a level of high proficiency. You are prepared to handle any situation in the air. With on-site maintenance professionals, we also ensure you understand the mechanical ins and outs of the aircraft.

Our chief flight instructor, Ron Frames, and his team of certified flight instructors, have trained hundreds of pilots and will make your experience a top priority. Whether your goals are to become a career pilot or simply fly the skies on the weekend, our dedication to your instruction is the same. The following information is what you can expect:

Ground training

  • Principles of aircraft systems
  • Physics of airplane flight
  • Flying in the National Airspace System
  • Aeronautical decision-making
  • Weather

A multiple-choice exam is taken at the conclusion of ground training

Flight training

  • Developing the skills necessary for safe and proficient operation
  • One-on-one with the instructor

A Practical Test or “Check Ride” is taken at the conclusion of flight training, once the minimum hours of flight time is logged and your instructor certifies that you are ready.

For more information, contact Ron Frames @ 502.802.1864