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Imagine avoiding all the hassles and inconveniences of flying commercial. Imagine having the ability to charter a flight on your own terms – on your time. Imagine the luxury of flying in a private jet with all the amenities your heart desires. Honaker Aviation can make it a reality with the largest jet charter fleet in the Kentuckiana area. Whether your trip originates out of the Louisville area, or anywhere else on the globe, we can help make your flight a seamless, first-class experience.

Your comfort and safety is our priority.

At Honaker Aviation, our customer service is renowned for its ability to satisfy any request. From complex itineraries to last minute flights to specific amenities, we have the staff to make it happen. And because we have a dedicated team of maintenance professionals and a pool of highly qualified pilots, your safety is ensured. We implement a strict safety protocol before any charter takes flight.

For all your charter requests, please call Lauren at 502-299-3705.

*All charter flights are conducted by FAA certified part 135 air carriers including our sister company, Jet Access Aviation.